September 15, 2007

September Random 10 - Bonus T-Shirt Edition

Tell me who this stone-faced-mutha is - and win a bad assed, limited edition "Take me to Your Liter" T-shirt. Hint - it's not Antonio Banderas. First three right guesses win and I get to pick the color
1. Iron and Wine - Faded from the Winter
2. Thurston Moore - Blues from Beyond the grave
3. The Velvet Underground - Run, Run, Run
4. The Dandy Warhols - All the Money
5. The White Stripes - Little Room
6. M Ward - Fishing Boat Song
7. Sea and Cake - Flat Lay the Water
8. Alpinestars - Arianne
9. Damon Edge - I Don't Know Why
10.The Residents - The Gingerbread Man

Taos Dirt - More SBT....WTF man, it's a sweet trail

After days and weeks and months of rain pretty much every afternoon - finally we latched on to a perfect day. To do? out and back on the SBT, what else. ok-ok ya, frikin' NOBODY rides the SBT as an out-and-back and NOBODY (meaning me) in their right mind should be riding with guys THIS fast and NOBODY should be allowed to have THIS much fun....I know, that sounds gay, but man, that is a super-fun, out AND back.

No clouds, no whining and only one mechanical (I had a flat). After seven hours I was beat

Thankfully Dave had the sense to bring a few cervezas for the end of the ride.

crack.....crack....crack (sound of popping crevezas) ........sweet

.........crack crack crack - oh ya baby, the sound of more

.........crack - crack.....what the hell was that? "dude, you just ran over a bike"
That was my bike - and Tim accidently backed over it on his way out of the parking lot. My fault - I left it laying there.
......crack- crack-snap (the sound of Tim pulling off the bike).
LUCKILY it was only the back wheel and the seat. The seat I tweaked back and the wheel replaced 8 spokes - and a major truing and.................................shit, give me another beer!

Taos Dirt - Rio Chiquito/SBT looper

Gee.... Thanks Easter Bunny - a sloppy day to do a 40 mile loop. No bikes in sight just a bunch of fat ass drunk ATVers thinkin' they're bad ass by gassing it and spraying mud big-time everytime they pass -showing off for their chile-bellied putas who are holding on for dear life...."aye chinga!!". Ya, it's pretty sweet breathing air saturated with 2-cycle oil for hours on end - that will teach me to ride the road.

The's a looper from the casa through Ranchos, Talpa, Rio Chiquito, Garcia Park and back to Taos. Rain pretty much the whole way - but oh well, we've been getting a shit-load of rain this year in Taos so I guess I should be indoors playing one of those x box things and drinking mountain dew.

After about 25 miles and lots of climbing in squishy mud - finally the downhill run back to town on the South Boundary Trail. I'm pretty pyched that it's wet since now my disc brakes are squeeling like a couple of banshees warning all the black bears and mountain lions to get the hell off the trail....... ya, the trail. This is the same section where Jen almost had to bunny-hop a huge black bear(while pulling off a superman and a double can-can in the process) to avoid it.

What the hell ARE "banshees" anyway