July 04, 2007

Taos Dirt - South Boundary Trail

The difference between riding the Front Range of Colorado and Northern New Mexico......Well, on a typical ride in far-northern New Mexico you might see 2 people in 50 miles.....Colorado you might see 50 people in 2 miles. No shit chingon, that is no exaggeration.

That is certainly true on the South Boundary Trail - which is as good (or better) than anything you'll find in Colorado. So far this year I've ridden the SBT 5 times and I have seen a total 4 other riders and one group of 3 hikers.

SBT road apples don't come from horses

About 10 seconds after this picture was taken Jen rounded the corner to the right and almost endo-ed over a big-ass black bear

Palmer Park - Colorado Springs

Don't ride with this guy.......
........bad shit will happen

July Random 10

YoyoMa - Appalacia Waltz
Deltron - Turbulence
Death in Vegas - Leather
Ruben Romero - Fantasia Arabe
Beat Happening - Noise
Neko Case - Favorite
White Stripes - Prickly Thorn but Sweetly Worn
Esquivel - That old Black Magic
Doves - Reprise
Snakefinger - Private Universe
Photo: Taco Meat