January 06, 2008

January Random 10

Merle Haggard - You don't have very far to go
Sea and Cake - Interiors
Fugazi - Target
Broken Social Scene - Fire eyed Boy
Pepe Deluxe - Little Miss Cypher
M Ward - Who may be Lazy
Bootsy's Rubber Band - I'd Rather be with you
Yo La Tengo - From a Motel 6
Hacienda Brothers - Mental Revenge
Clap your Hands Say Yeah - Sunshine and Clouds

I smell tuna

January 05, 2008

When Life Was Good - Taos Dirt - Divisidaro Trail

For the past month here in Taos it's been below zero in the morning and not even reaching freezing during the day.....not good biking weather. It is, however, good weather for beer drinkin', football watchin', food makin' and butt scratchin' . I've been doing lots of all that stuff. So here from the dusty depths of the "F" drive, and with nothing else to do - is a write up on the Divisidaro Trail.

Divisidaro, which I think means "steeper than shit" in Spanish, is the best short-technical trail near town - and since it is kind of a burley climb, it does not see too much bike traffic. Hikers on the trail are generally not a problem since, on the climb, you won't exactly be blowin' doors - and on the steep twisty technical decent, they will gladly step aside in the hopes they will witness the "stupid biker" endo: skull on rock style. It's a tough trail, not fer greenhorns.

Here's what you do: From the plaza head south on highway 64, pass El Monte Segrado, Angeladas and that crazy place with all the blue glass chunks. Right after the Carson National Forest sign you'll see the trail head on your left (if you know this area, you'll see the end of the South Boundary Trail is right across the street). Anyway, hope you've been nice to granny lately because you're gonna need her "gear" for the next hour or so. Climb, climb, climb....rocky ledges, switchbacks, loose shit.....you got it all and you've gone anerobic on top of it all. It's tough right from the start and unfortunately it's like this all the way to the top. After 10-15 minutes you'll come to a split in the trail - both of them go to the top of Divisidaro Peak - left is longer and less steep right is shorter and more steep - but almost too steep. Going right you will be off the bike more. Left is more fun (in my opinion) - and cooler, if it's a hot day. Either way, continue on and you will know when you've conquered the bastard when you see two chairs made of rock - that's the top. It usually takes a little less than an hour to make the top (from town) and another 30 minutes to get back. Don't be surprised as you head back to the plaza, you're bike mysteriously starts to veer off track to the left, eventually leading you to a table under a cottonwood surrounded by hippies.......you must be at Eskes Brewpub.....don't fight it you'll just hurt yourself.