November 13, 2007

Random Yucatan

Downtown Merida and the rush to happy hour where they serve up some MONSTER margaritas
The flower market

The veggie market

"yo quiero Taco Bell"

Cooking up some lunch under the beach palapa

Cathedral in Valladolid

Many of the homes along the coast we in bad shape from the two hurricanes that came through this summer

Awesome water and totally empty beach

Sea kayaking through some of the backwater mangroves

The beer truck en route to Punta Allen. We didn't let him out of our sight

Early morning in Campeche

Cathederal in Campeche

I'm heard Bimbo Corp is thinking of Atlanta as a test market for the new "Negrito" snack cakes. People are gonna love the fro and that delicious black frosting.

came across these people getting ready to throw this poor kid off the building. We didn't stop em - he probably deserved it.

random burley muscle church

You heard it here first......George Bush is going into early retirement and is now running a liquor store in Campeche Mexico. Click to enlarge - ya, it's him all right.

Old Town Yucatan

In "Apocolypto" Mel Gibson sent a bloody heathen Mayan head down these stairs. The main temple at Chitzen Itza where you used to be able to climb inside to view the Jaguar Throne until some fuck head tourist stole the eyes and teeth of the jaguar

Coba - the lamest of all the mayan sites we saw. Hundreds of tourists acting like complete idiots. If it was not in a really cool area with lots of birds and butterflies we would have turned around and got the hell out of there.

Kabah - probably the coolest site we visited. You could climb all over anything you wanted and there were only about 5 other people in the whole place.

Mas Kabah

Uxmal - pretty interesting, well preserved - but lots of tourists


Jesus and Tequila - Dia de los Muertos in the Yucatan

What a cool tradition - Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) where, if you're the unfortunate one who is being celebrated, you'll be offered up all kinds of good stuff. Anything from packs of smokes and bottles of tequila to piles fruit and tortillas....all of which are certainly useful in the after-life.

Banana leaf-wrapped tamales are just one of the items included in a "pibi pollo" - a kind of traditional dinner that is searved in all the restaraunts during Dia de los Muertos.

Music is part of the festivities. I'm guessing the dead must really like off-key music played on 100 year old antique insturments that are totally out of tune. I liked it - but I'm half dead myself

It must be really hard to peel an orange if you're dead - all the ones I saw as offerings were convieniently pre-peeled

Lots of smoke from insence and candles and little camp fires along with creepy music and animal sacrafices.

Tortilla insanity