November 12, 2006

Los Alamos Dirt - Pajarito Trail, Guaje Canyon and Rendija Canyon (it's a loop bitch!)

Here's what you do: Park your car near the Los Alamos County Gun Club and head west into the burned sticks. This is the Pajarito trail and it's sweet. The trail junction at about 3/4 mile - stay right and hike-a-bike yer ass up that pumice slope and keep climbing. It's off and on hiking/biking for the next couple of miles. Stop bitchin' and do it. Next trail junction, stay right (or just stay strait) and make your way to the high ridge to the north. Once on top of that ridge check out that singletrack diving into the canyon (Guaje Canyon). It's loose and steep and sick. At the canyon bottom head east (right) and follow the double track out through a few water crossings to the gravel road and follow that back to the car up (Rendija Canyon). Total time about 1.5 hours if yer crankin ....add another hour if yer drinkin' too.

John crankin' up the first loose climb

Ahhhh, that's better

hikey bikey me no likey

Dropping into the jaws of the Guaje Monster

...and finally - don't forget to secure your bike to your roof rack before heading out. Baaaad