October 15, 2007

Valle Escondido-70A-Elliot Barker-South Boundary Loop-a-Doop

"why does it just lay there?"

After a flat and a head start, Hugh and Mark motored on by

October 06, 2007

SoCo Dirt - Monarch Crest

30-something miles of this......well, they could charge admission for this ride. Monarch Crest. You just can't beat riding above tree line along the continental divide. The best ride in the US? - a lot of people think so.

Dave - ready to launch

"Look ma - No Tubes" - we had to listen to Dave boast how awesome his Stans tubeless system was.........
....... after 3 pinch flats, dealing with dried up patch glue and ancient petrified patches, Kevin and I were convinced

Stans would not have helped a broken rear derailleur cable still five miles fom the end......note the innovative cable routing Drink a few beers and tilt your head to the left to view this really crappy video of the the sweetness. Mostly just video of my flapping camera strap as the camera slides down the side of my bike helmet - hence the "artistic" camera angle

Kevin with his hands all over Daves titties