January 31, 2007

Hielo in Hell

Cabin fever is setting in - drinking way too much and have been fighting the urge to bring the ax inside the house...you know, for "safety" reasons.

Yes, we're getting a bit tired of the snow already. This ride, done right before xmas was doable - now there is about a foot of snow here so off-road riding is out of the question - at least for a few more weeks.

A postcard from an icy hell

...and the Donks are ready for some sun and heat....Bring It!

January 19, 2007

January Random 10

Sonic Youth - Making the Nature Scene
Belle and Sebastian - Lord Anthony
Cat Power - Still in Love
Irresistable Force - Nepalese Bliss
Gomez - Notice
Eliott Smith - Ballad of Nothing
Paco Pena - Tarantus
Dan Bern - Witness
The Fiery Furnaces - Single again
The Pipettes - Sex