October 21, 2006

Durango Dirt - Horse Gulch and the Test Track

Dan Knight is cursed. He brings rain wherever he goes. The first time I saw Dan since rainy-ass Crested Butte was in Durango......and he brought the rain again. Big time. Day 1, no riding, just rain and a few beers at Steamworks. Day 2 - still a bit muddy but we headed out to Horse Gulch anyway. Southeast of town - it's a sweet little spot with lots of ST and short little muthafucker climbs. Day 3 we headed northwest of town to the Test Track. Similar to Horse gulch but on
soft black shale - again, short little (steep) climbs and a nice tour of the local debris landfill - again, really fun stuff close to town. Next year we'll do some of the more epic rides outside of town - as long a Dan the Rain Man leaves the rain home.

I really wish he was "Dan the cerveza man."

Dan...Bringin' it

Horse Gulch...the smooth part

Use the Force Dan......Star Wars at the Test Track

Wait up assholes

like butta baby. Todd - 29-ing it

Shawn, dropping into the sweetness

Oh crap - where the heck is my wanker?