July 10, 2006

Gunnison Dirt - "Who's thirsty?"

After three days of depressing weather in CB we decided to head south to the land of milk n' honey - Gunnison. G-spot baby. In the morning we filled up on the "extra special breakfast special" at a local cafe and headed out to Hartman Rock. The trail was great and we even got a decent amount of sun. After riding for about four hours we figured we had ridden almost all of the trails - all of which were super fun and super fast. It was a good call to do this ride since looking up the valley toward CB - it didn't look like the shit storm was letting up any. After considering a Monarch Crest ride the next day, we decided to motor back to NM since it looked shitty up in that direction as well.

no trail - no problem. We were just glad to be out of the rain

Slickrock sweetness

Lots of crazy high speed banked corners

Smooth and dry baby

mountains bad...desert good

Crested Butte Dirt - "Hey man - I think it's clearing up!"

Tarp-bound for three days. I can't think of any better way to spend a long weekend. We came to love the tarps. The tarps were our friends. When we closed our eyes at night, all we saw was blue...yes, blue...... tarps. We picked a bad weekend to try to tackle a few epic rides in Crested Butte - a freak multi-day shit storm stayed over the area for the entire time. We hunkered under the tarps to stay dry and when a patch of "lighter" clouds appeared, one of us would never fail to say "Hey man, I think it's clearing up". It never did. Beers were opened way too early. The first day we managed a 2.5 hour ride in the ridge behind camp and back down a nasty little muddy-as-hell singletrack. By the bottom, everybody needed new brake pads. Day two started with...um....rain! We headed into town for brake pads. While there, we saw our shadows cast by this crazy ball of light in the sky. We busted ass back to camp to grab the bikes but by the time we got there the ball of light turned to small drops of water coming out of the sky and out of the coners of our eyes. Then there was a break - we busted a move and headed out east towards Crystal Peak. Two-hour climb and then the rain came back. Dave K, Kevin and Schnieder headed for the peak and got stopped at the saddle where there was beer, cheap tacos and naked ladies - it was raining so they didn't stay long. Meanwhile Me, John and Dave F. headed back and were dry, tarped up and liquored up.

Who needs blue sky when you got a blue tarp?

Safety meeting

Dave and Dave

The start of something good - if you call steep slick mud "good"

Schneider decided to wear his finest white jersey

The break

Holy shit - the sun


Dave, Jeff and Kevin tryin' to saddle-up. (Might want to click to enlarge)